Mr. Busse's Classes
Mr. Busse's Classes

AP Physics and Physics Useful Links

Data Director Testing
AP Central
- Free registration for students, good information about the AP Test
Nobel Prize - Nobel Prize web site with links to the Physics winners
Visual Physics - Good simulations of Physics concepts
HyperPhysics - Good information on Physics concepts
String Theory - Good site on String Theory
Physics 2000 - Good information on Physics concepts
Physics Central - Web site of Physics in daily life
Richard Feynman Online - Web site for the Physicist Richard Feynman
Leiden University Institute of Physics - A manuscript of Einstein was discovered here


Geometry Useful Links

Math League Geometry - Useful background information on geometry
Thinkquest Geometry - Useful background information on geometry
Origami Interest Group - Links to many good origami sites
Joseph Wu Origami Page - Great resource for origami


Radiation Physics Useful Links

History of x-rays - Nobel prize web site
Medical Encyclopedia - Good definitions of terms
Introduction to Radiographic Testing - Good tutorial on radiation
Diagnostic x-ray tube - What makes an x-ray tube?
The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists - Web site for Radiologic Technologists


Miscellaneous Useful Links

Winter Sites

Mission Ridge - Local ski area
Bridger Bowl - Montana ski area by Bozeman, Montana
Big Mountain - Montana ski area by Whitefish, Montana

Biking Sites

Velonews - Great cycling news
Bike Review - Great site for reviews of bikes
Wenatchee Valley Velo - Local biking club
USA Cycling - Bike racing organization
The FredCast - A great podcast for fast recreational cyclists (Freds)

Golf Sites

Golf Channel – Golf TV

WWW Wenatchee High School

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