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The A Tale of Two Cities Help Page


Items Available:


Crossword Puzzles


Character Pictures


Study Help


Vocabulary Words

Background Outline

(French Revolution)

Charles Dickens Bio

A full text of the novel

Audio Version of the Novel

David Perdue's Dickens Page


Crossword Puzzles:

1. Vocabulary Crossword #1 (Puzzle and Clues)

2. Vocabulary Crossword #2 (Puzzle and Clues)

3. Vocabulary Crossword #3 (Puzzle and Clues)

4. Vocabulary Crossword #4 (Puzzle and Clues)


Character Pictures:


Sydney Carton


Marquis St. Evremonde


Death of the Marquis


Carton and Darnay5

Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton


Carton, Lucie, Miss Pross, Little Lucie, and Dr. Manette


The Seamstress and Carton


The guillotine in action
Storming The Bastille (back left)
Madame Defarge


Charles Dickens (Bio)

Study Help:

1. Chapter Guide (questions chapter by chapter)

2. Final Review Guide (will definitely help you with the exam)


Basic Identifications:

Old Bailey

gold coin

"Recalled to Life"

105 North Tower

Therese Defarge

Charles Darnay




"sharp female, newly born"

wine shop

"best of times...worst of times..."


July 14, 1789


Mender of Roads


Solomon Pross


Lucie Manette (Darnay)

Alexandre Manette

Sydney Carton

C.J. Stryver

Marquis St. Evremonde (1 & 2)


Jarvis Lorry

Ernest Defarge

Jerry Cruncher

Miss Pross

John Barsad

Roger Cly

Theophile Gabelle


Young Jerry


Mrs. Cruncher

Young Lucie Darnay

The Vengeance

First Estate

Second Estate

Third Estate

Louis XIV

Louis XV

Louis XVI

Marie Antoinette

Meeting of Estates General

Great Fear

Declaration of the Rights of Man

September Massacres

Reign of Terror





Year I


Vocabulary Words:

1. epoch (n) a period of time considered noteworthy because of its events and people
2. capitulate (v) to give in; to stop resisting
3. adjuration (n) a solemn command
4. expeditiously (adv) in a speedy and efficient manner
5. inexorable (adj) unrelenting; cannot be altered
6. emaciated (adj) abnormally thin, as by starvation or illness
7. piscatory (adj) of fish
8. pecuniary (adj) involving money
9. modicum (n) a small amount
10. implacable (adj) cannot be pacified
11. incumbent (adj) resting on as a duty; obligatory
12. admonition (n) a warning
13. lethargy (n) a great lack of energy; extreme drowsiness or sluggishness
14. sagacity (n) keen intelligence and sound judgment
15. sonorous (adj) sounding full and rich
16. extemporized (adj) (also spelled with an ‘s’) improvised; made in a makeshift manner
17. contentious (adj) quarrelsome; argumentative
18. convivial (adj) sociable; having to do with festive activity
19. cogitate (v) to think seriously; to ponder
20. auspicious (adj) favorable; boding well
21. immolate (v) to kill as a sacrifice
22. timorous (adj) fearful
23. plaintive (adj) sorrowful; melancholy
24. laconic (adj) brief or terse
25. bacchanalian (adj) of, or relating to, drunken revelry
26. deprecatory (adj) disapproving or belittling
27. impute (v)to attribute, especially of a fault, to someone
28. compunction (n) feeling of regret or guilt
29. emulate (v) to imitate another
30. ecclesiastical (adj) of, or relating to, Christian clergy
31. languidly (adv) in an indifferent or spiritless manner
32. patrician (adj) of the nobility
33. manifest (adj) apparent; evident
34. deign (v) to condescend to do or say something thought to be beneath one’s dignity
35. impenitently (adv) without shame or regret
36. venerable (adj) worthy of respect because of age or position
37. laudable (adj) worthy of being praised
38. supplication (n) a humble request
39. refractory (adj) stubborn; hard to manage
40. ubiquitous (adj) omnipresent; being, or seeming, to be everywhere
41. ostensible (adj) seeming
42. superciliously (adv) scornfully; in a haughty or contemptuous way
43. aquiline (adj) curved like the beak of an eagle
44. palpable (adj) can be touched or felt
45. proscribe (v) to denounce or to forbid
46. apocryphal (adj) od doubtful authenticity; not genuine
47. pensive (adj) thinking seriously, especially of sad things
48. inundate (v) to flood; to overwhelm with a great amount of anything
49. vehement (adj) forceful; impassioned
50. inviolate (adj) kept sacred
51. capricious (adj) tending to change abruptly
52. staid (adj) steady; sedate
53. impetuous (adj) impulsive; done with little forethought
54. stalwart (adj) strong and brave
55. inclement (adj) stormy; harsh
56. gregarious (adj) sociable; talkative
57. dissonance (n) lack of harmony
58. taciturn (adj) uncommunicative; not liking to talk
59. prevaricate (v) to lie
60. droll (adj) amusing in an odd way
61. expound (v) to state in detail
62. prodigious (adj) of great power; amazing
63. presentiment (n) a feeling that something unfortunate is about to happen
64. augment (v) to make greater; to enlarge
65. sublime (adj) noble; awe-inspiring


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