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Website of Auschwitz and Birkenau


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Elie Wiesel Bio

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Crossword Puzzles:

1. Vocabulary Crossword #1 (Puzzle and Clues)

2. Vocabulary Crossword #2 (Puzzle and Clues)

3. Vocabulary Crossword #3 (Puzzle and Clues)

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Character Pictures:

Elie 152

Elie Wiesel at the beginning of the memoir


Buchenwald after the liberation

(Elie is circled)


The same picture as the previous one but blown up a bit with clarity


Elie with his two older sisters

Elie with Mom6

Elie with his younger sister and his mother


Prof. Elie Wiesel at Boston U.

(Bio #1, #2, or #3)


Elie Wiesel at a press conference

(Bio #1, #2, or #3)


Bodies piled at Buchenwald


A crematorium

Line Up 11

A line up (sometimes in "fours" or "fives" and so on)


SS officers inspect a camp


A concentration camp

Dachau Kids14

Children at Dachau

Study Help:

Basic Identifications:

Elie Wiesel

Chlomo Wiesel

Moche the Beadle

Madame Schachter

Akibe Drumer


Tzipora Wiesel



the hanging boy

Rabbi Eliahou






air raid


flame imagery

the Kaddish


the SS

the yellow star of David



French girl in the subway

the Red Army


night and its literary usage

Questions to Consider:

1. What is the effect and the purpose(s) of the rare occasions when Elie discusses events occurring after the war?

2. How do prisoners reveal their dignity in face such inhumane treatment? What effect does this have?

3. How does Elie faith, his relationship with God, change throughout the memoir?

4. Explain the lessons presented in Night. How can they be applied to today's society?

5. Which position, self-interest or assisting one another, is the most effective means of surviving in this memoir? How do you know?

6. Connect the themes or characters of this memoir to another major work read in class? Explain each idea fully.



Vocabulary Words:

1. Hasidic (adj) a Jewish sect of mystics who believe in a joyful worship of God

2. synagogue (n) a building used by Jewish people for religious study and worship

3. cabbala (n) an occult Jewish philosophy based on a mystical interpretation of the Scriptures

4. Talmud (n) a book of detailed expositions and interpretations of Hebrew scriptures (Jewish law)

5. Gestapo (n) the secret police force of the German Nazis

6. lorries (n) trucks

7. rabbi (n) a scholar and teacher of Jewish law; a Jewish spiritual leader

8. Zionism (n) formerly, a movement for reestablishment of a Jewish state; now, a movement supporting the Jewish state of Israel

9. emigration (n) the act of leaving one country or region to settle in another

10. billet (v) to lodge; to house

11. Passover (n) a Jewish holiday celebrating the deliverance of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt

12. treatise (n) a formal article or book on a particular subject

13. expound (v) to state in detail; to explain

14. edict (n) an official public proclamation or order issued by an authority

15. phylacteries (n) small cases holding copies of passages from Scripture worn on the forehead and left arm during weekday morning prayers

16. truncheon (n) a short, thick club

17. compatriot (n) a fellow countryman

18. guerilla (n) a soldier, often a volunteer, who makes surprise attacks and raids behind enemy lines

19. expulsion (n) a driving out, especially by force

20. pillage (v) to loot; to rob of property

21. constraint (n) restriction, especially of feelings and behaviors

22. hermetically (adv) in an airtight way

23. SS (n) abbreviation of Schutzstaffel, a military-style unit of the Nazi party that acted as a special police force

24. incite (v) to urge to act; to provoke

25. unremittingly (adv) constantly; without interruption

26. nocturnal (adj) of or happening during the night

27. bestial (adj) like a beast; cruel and savage

28. lucid (adj) clearheaded; rational; understanding

29. oblivion (n) a state of being completely forgotten

30. harangued (v) scolded, especially in a noisy and bullying way

31. Kapos (n) Nazi concentration camp prisoners who were given special privileges in return for supervising other prisoners

32. compulsory (adj) required; that which must be done

33. wizened (adj) shriveled; dried up

34. blandishment (n) a flattering remark that is meant to be persuasive

35. sanctity (n) holiness; sacredness

36. numerology (n) an occult system, built around numbers, of foretelling the future or exploring the unknown

37. reprieve (n) a postponement of punishment; a temporary relief

38. Aryan (n) a term used by the Nazis to mean a Caucasian person of non-Jewish lineage

39. raucous (adj) loud and rough-sounding; hoarse

40. Rosh Hashanah (n) the Jewish New Year, the spiritual new year whose observances include special prayers and religious rituals

41. benediction (n) a formal blessing; an act of calling upon God during a religious service

42. implore (v) to beg; to beseech; to plead sincerely

43. lamentation (n) an expression of grief or sadness

44. Yom Kippur (n) the holiest day in the Jewish calendar, the Day of Atonement, a day of fasting and prayer for forgiveness

45. interminable (adj) endless or seeming to be endless

46. emaciated (adj) abnormally thin, especially due to starvation or disease

47. meager (adj) of small quantity; not adequate

48. crucible (n) a severe test or trial

49. sage (n) a person who is very wise, especially as a result of age and experience

50. Calvary (n) literally, the place near Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified; often used to mean an experience of intense agony or grief

51. derision (n) scorn; ridicule

52. dysentery (n) intestinal inflammation causing abnormal pain and diarrhea (can be fatal)

53. Red Army (n) the regular army of the Soviet Union

54. annihilate (v) to destroy completely; to exterminate

55. summarily (adv) promptly and without formality

56. mountebank (n) a fake; a charlatan; a trickster

57. indeterminate (adj) indefinite; vague; subtle

58. encumbrance (n) a burden; an obstacle

59. apathy (n) a lack of interest or emotion; indifference

60. inert (adj) motionless; lacking the ability to move or act

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