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Literary and Speech Terms

(Examples Included)


Cloke's Pics

(updated on 2-13-13)


Knowledge Bowl

(WHS and NCW)


1 - http://homepage.mac.com/cparada/GML/000Images/aim/ajax1-0220.jpg

2 - http://davidyt.ld.infoseek.co.jp/antigone.gif

3 - http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y243/Quaay/ThePrincessBride_000.jpg

4 - http://www.lttechno.com/images/report%20card.jpg

5 - http://img-fan.theonering.net/reviews/images/cuckoo_nest.jpg

6 - http://img.tfd.com/authors/poe.jpg

7 - http://whs.wsd.wednet.edu/Faculty/Cloke/KnowledgeBowl.html

8 - http://students.usm.maine.edu/nancy.kane/denoument.gif


Current Events Practice

Geogrpahy Practice

History Practice

Language Arts Practice

Science Practice