*The FAFSA Information Station

(Free Application for Federal Student Aid)


FAFSA Presentation by Kevin Berg of WVC as presented on Dec., 2011:

2011-2012 FAFSA Presentation-English

2011-2012 FAFSA Presentation-Spanish

Special Upcoming Fafsa Event at WHS

with Kevin Berg from WVC= Dec. 11, 2012


WVC hosts a FAFSA Workshop in mid-January and February=TBA



1.   For Parent and Student PIN #'s go to: 


2.   If you would like to prepare for the upcoming FAFSA you may go to FAFSA:  


(You may select English or Spanish in upper right)

3.  To complete a FAFSA worksheet:

Under "Before you Begin"

Click on "FAFSA on the Web Worksheet" in the page above

(black and white)

4.  To complete a FAFSA4caster financial aid worksheet:

(Community Foundation of NCW requires this)



5.  Need Help??  Financial Aid Videos:

Our families are invited to sign up for the free Federal Student Aid Channel on YOU TUBE at www.youtube.com/user/federalstudentaid On this YOU TUBE Channel the FSA have video links to help you through the process of preparing for post-secondary education which


Preparing for College
Types of Aid for College
Who Gets Aid for College
FAFSA (Applying for Aid)

(this might be a good resource for new counselors and/or families new to the process of applying for Federal Aid)