Wenatchee High School Enrichment Options

Academic Challenge Program and Distinguished Scholar Award

Directed Enrichment Study

This is a one semester course of independent study under the direction of a department instructor. This opportunity is designed for the serious student who wants to pursue a topic of interest or broaden their knowledge of a subject not taught in the curriculum. Students are required to complete the Directed Enrichment Study Project Plan Form prior to meeting with an instructor. If the teacher agrees to mentor the student project, the Directed Enrichment Study Application Form must be completed and returned to the counselingOffice. This course is an elective and cannot be used to meet department requirements for graduation. Directed Enrichment Study packets are available in the counselingoffice.


All Directed Enrichment Study students are expected to share the results of their efforts in the form of a product, service, or performance for an authentic audience. Students are encouraged to do this at a culminating event in May called Visionscape. The focus of this symposium is to showcase the talents and accomplishments of participating students. Mentor teachers, parents, friends, and school officials are invited to attend student presentations and performances. Entertainment and refreshments are provided.

Advanced Options at Wenatchee High School

Honors Classes

These classes are geared for high ability students and independent learners. Students must apply for entrance in Honors English classes. You will receive a letter with further instructions this Spring. Freshman Geometry requires an A in 8th grade Algebra and a teacher recommendation. Honors CWP is available to seniors with above average ability and an interest in history, government and international relations.

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP) is an opportunity for students to take college level classes while still in high school without leaving the building. By passing a national exam, students may earn credit or advanced placement from thousands of colleges and universities that participate in the Advanced Placement Program worldwide. All colleges and universities in Washington state accept AP credit. The cost is $84 per exam.

College in the High School

These classes are college level courses offered at the high school in the Foreign Language, English, and Business Departments. The advantage is receiving college credit without the complications of leaving the high school campus. Tuition must be paid by the student.

Tech Prep

Tech Prep is a program that allows students to get college credit for taking certain high school classes that align with Wenatchee Valley College courses. Students earn dual high school and college credit if passed with a B grade or higher.

Career Planning

Career exploration is an important part of the new Culminating Project requirement at WHS. Students will be able to investigate several careers with a useful tool, the Pathways Planner. This will be the basis for what is called their “Fifth Year Plan” for the year following high school graduation.

Running Start

Running Start is a statewide program which allows academically qualified high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to take college courses at a community college as part of their high school program. Students may receive high school and college credit simultaneously. The school district pays for the college tuition from the Basic Education allotment from the state. The Running Start student pays all other consumable expenses which includes books, computer fee, parking, etc.

Directed Study

This is a one-semester course of independent study under the direction of a department instructor who serves as a mentor. This opportunity is designed for serious students who want to pursue a topic of interest or broaden their knowledge of a subject not offered in the regular curriculum. Directed Study is an elective and cannot be used to meet department requirements for graduation.

Academic Challenge Program

Academic Challenge is designed for students desiring a rigorous and well-balanced program in academic disciplines. Students must apply during second semester of their freshmen year. They must earn a 3.0 GPA each semester, participate in at least one sport or club activity per year and complete 10 hours of community service per year. They are also required to take additional courses beyond the high school graduation requirements in English, Math, Science, Computer Applications and Foreign Language. Those who complete all the requirements will have a special designation on their transcripts. Students in this program who achieve at higher levels will be recognized at graduation as a Distinguished Scholar.

Honor Society

This national society was established in 1925 for sophomores, juniors and seniors who demonstrate excellence in the areas of character, scholarship, leadership and service. The National Honor Society is committed to preparing students to become leaders in their school and community during their high school career and the rest of their lives.

Online Options

Wenatchee Internet Academy offers online courses in P.E., Health, World History, and US History.