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Clothing Of The 1920s



Men started their fashion from World War I and continued into the 1920s. Their fashion basically was wearing cuffed trousers and flannels. With that they wore two-toned whit and tan or white and black shoes. They also wore black leather shoes. Another style was wearing short knee pants, also known as knickers. They wore that with sweatshirts with casual shirts. They would also wore sacque suits, with colored shirts, with silk ties that had patterns on them, and black bowler hats.


Unlike men, the women's style is a little different. The women's fashion changed as time went by. To women fashion was very important to them. At first women had skirts that were calf length. The rich still wore silk garments in the evenings. While the middle class are wearing these skirts, trying too kind of make it seem they aren't part of the middle class, and might be part of the rich. When the years went by the skirts got shorter and shorter. By 1926 the skirt was as short, so their knees were reveling


Also for the women the waist line was at the waist, but they were worn loose. They also wore suits that were very baggy. As time went by waistlines began to drop. Unlike men, women's fashion was always changing. Once again their fashion changed. Their skirts once again were being fitted and not baggy anymore. As always silk was the most popular thing to wear. Many women wanted silk, just like the the rich.


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