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Hairstyles Of The 1930's


Starting in the 1930's pompadour was no longer fashionable, the the natural wave was allowed rather then slicked down. Also, the biggest trend was the no- part hairstyle. Next, moustaches, on the conservative side were still popular amoung older men. Beards, escpecially in America were outdated. Lastley, the biggest trend was the no part hairstyle.



To start with, hairstyles were Quite close to the head with fingerwaves parted in the middle or to the side. People in the 1930's liked volume and waves (for a more softer look) with hair pulled back into an array of small curls on the neckline which was secured with bobby or hairpins. Also large brimmed hats and other small hats were worn, in 1936 hats with feathers were very important. Another type of wave is the saucer wave which began in the front and became a circle around the head. To end with, sculptor waves begin with a center or half part ending with a cluster of round pin curls that would circle the ears.



Men and Woman

In the 1930's it was common for both Men and Woman to have worn hats. Mens hair was clipped short while woman medium to long. Next, trade journals encouraged barbers to start a toupe business for the men. For both men and woman they wanted to continue promoting facials, and consider haircoloring as a special service.


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