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Wildfire Research
MSG Effects
Diesel Powered Generator Emissions
Skin Cancer caused by UV rays
Latex Allergies
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Health Risks of Technology
Indoor Air Quality
Arsenic on Wenatchee School Grounds
Second Hand Smoke
Lead and Arsenic in the Soil
Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics
Use of Pesticides and the Effects on Human Health
Meth Labs
Desalination to Provide Water
Effects of Tanning
Detrimental Air Particles
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's)
Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and Pesticides
Nuclear Radiation
Secondhand Smoke
Caffeine and Its Effects on Teenagers
Organic Foods vs. Conventionally raised food
Tanning and Its Affects
Windstorm Caused By Global Warming
Mercury Level in Fish
Effects of UV Rays on Human Health
Illegal Dumping
Dangers and Benefits of Using Pesticides
Water Quality of the Columbia River
Electromagnetic Radiation
Fast FoodBPADangers of Technology
Dangers of Fast Food Alternative Fuel
Cannabis Sativa
Catastrophic events
Effects of Smoking Obesity
East Wenatchee
Carbon monoxide in the community
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