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YNHC Project Description


Welcome to the Youth Network for

Healthy Communities (YNHC) project!


The goal of the YNHC project is to train middle and high school teachers to help students research environmental health issues in their local communities, and to then share their findings with peers and professionals.

Teachers from any discipline may choose to have their class(es) participate in the project. Once a teacher decides to become involved, they register with Dianne Botta at the University of Washington (see registration page). Before the start of their chosen session, they will recieve a teacher's guide for the project.

Each session begins with participating teachers (and students if possible) recieving one hour of training about the project and about videoconferencing. This training is conducted via a one-hour videoconference.

After the training, the students involved choose and research an environmental health issue in their community. (See student project guidelines) There are from four to six weeks allowed to complete the research and make ready a presentation of the findings.

Student groups then present their research results during a videoconference attended by the other participating classes and a panel of university scientists and/or other environmental health professionals.

Teachers and students complete evaluation forms after the videoconference to send to Dianne Botta at the University of Washington and these are used for future planning for the project.


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