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Youth Network for Healthy Communities (YNHC)
Student Project Guidelines


In order to prepare for your videoconference you need to answer the following questions:


1. Identify an environmental health issue in your community.

2. What is the problem?

3. Who (which human population) does if affect?

4. How does it (or might it) affect their health now or in the future? 

5. What knowledge (data, surveys, brochures, hotlines, etc.) is already available to help solve the problem?

6. What are the various viewpoints about the problem? How do different groups (i.e. government agencies, industry representatives, community advocates, workers, health care workers, etc.) feel about the problem?

7. What knowledge (data, surveys, brochures, hotlines, etc.) is still needed to address the problem?

8. What is already being done?

9. What action still needs to take place to manage the problem and protect human health?

10. How can you effectively communicate all of the above in a short videoconference presentation? Considerusing creative ways to communicate your ideas such as skits, debates, or mock TV news segments. What visual aids will be most useful (posters, graphs, photographs, overheads*)? What information must be included and what can be omitted?

11. Be prepared to tell your audience HOW you did your research. What sources did you use? What roadblocks did you encounter? What additional research could you do or action could you take?


*Make sure to ask your teacher what equipment (VCR, computer, overhead projector, etc.) will be available for you to use at your local videoconference facility.

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