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Primary Teacher Resources

Orientation Power Point
This is the powerpoint that is used during the teacher orientation session. It introduces the core concepts of environmental health, such as toxicity, dose/response, and environmental justice. This presentation can be used in the classroom with students at the start of your YNHC unit
Teacher Manual
This is the teacher's guide that explains the YNHC project and includes all the materials needed to participate.
Resource List
This is an electronic file (pdf) full of web links to environmental health related curricula, lesson plans, government agencies, and community organizations.
Student Research Guidelines
Takes you to the Student Guidelines page.
Presentation Checklist
This is a presentation checklist that allows participants to evaluate their own presentation as well as those of their peers.
Teacher Evaluation
This is the form that allows teachers to evaluate the YNHC project.
Student Evaluation
This is the form that allows students to evaluate the YNHC project.

Student Release Form
This form allows the students picture to be used in videos

Student Introduction to EH
An introduction to Environmental Health

Student Post-Test
Post Test for Students
Student Pre-Test
Pre Test for Students
Teacher Key for Student Pre-Test
The Student Pre-Test correction key
Teacher Participation Agreement

Optional Teacher Resources


Guidelines for collecting and analyizing information.

Communication Action
Research project guidelines in communication and action
Defining Community
.Research project guidelines to define concept of community.
Project Checklist
A presentation checklist to determine if all aspects of the project were covered.
Project Flow Chart
This chart will allow you to determine if all aspects of the project were completed.
Sharpening Focus
These are project guidelines to help you develop your project.

Website Evaluation

These evaluations will help you check the validity of your website information.




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