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School to Work Liaison

Job Shadows  *


Job Shadow Program – Student Introduction

The Job Shadow Program gives you a chance to learn about what someone actually does in a job that is of interest to you.  Job shadows will provide you with an opportunity to see first hand the kind of jobs that exist.


Your job shadow will involve spending approximately three to four hours observing one or more people while they work at their jobs.  Your goal will be to learn as much as possible by observing, listening, asking good questions and taking good notes.  We will help you to prepare for your job shadow, but you will have to fulfill your responsibilities.



You may be wondering how a job shadow will help you in your education.  Here are a few things that you will gain from your job shadow:

1. You see firsthand what really goes on in the work place.  2. You may have the opportunity to travel to other places in the city.  3. You can explore a career in which you might have an interest.  4. You will meet interesting people that may help you with future jobs.  5. You will understand what is needed to attain various jobs.  6. You will learn a vital part of the career exploration process.  7. You will have fun!

Use this opportunity to learn more about a career of interest!  It is better to find out now if this is a good choice for you rather than spending thousands of dollars on college and find out it is not something you want to do!!

These are just a few of our Wonderful Community Businesses that support and host job shadows:


Associates in Physical Therapy


Colonial Vista Nursing Care and Physical Therapy

Columbia Valley Community Health

Douglas County PUD

Wenatchee Police Department

Lifeline Ambulance

Parson's Photography

Law Offices of Tony DiTommaso

Gold's Gym - Personal Trainer

Brian's Automotive - Auto Mechanic

Highgate Cottage Assisted Living - Registered Nurse

Davis Furniture - Interior Design

WSD Elementary & Middle School Teachers

The Wenatchee World

The Wenatchee Business Journal

Dr. David Parks - Orthodontist and Secretary/Receptionist

M&M Productions

Apple-A-Day Daycare Center

Banner Bank

Chelan County Sheriff's Office

Dr. Divis Dental Office

School of Therapeutic Touch - Massage Therapy

Cascade Veterinary Clinic

Appleland Veterinary Clinic

Wenatchee Animal Hospital

And Many More!!



Mentorships are opportunities for students interested in specific careers to spend time in a local business to observe specific professionals in their jobs. The students selected spend up to 10 hours outside of school hours with a mentor.

This is an excellent opportunity for a student to be able to see and ask questions about the career before actually spending time/money on training.

In partnership with The Wenatchee Valley Medical Center, health related mentorships are offered to Wenatchee High School juniors and seniors during the fall each year. The 9 mentorship opportunities at WVMC included: registered nurse (PEDS & GI), physical therapist, licensed nurse (dermatology), x-ray technologist, medical assistant, medical lab technologist, food services and interpreter.



Internships are opportunities for students interested in specific careers to spend time in a local business to observe specific professionals in their jobs and possibly get paid for doing so. The students selected spend up to 20-40 hours per week, outside of school hours including Saturdays and school breaks, with a mentor.



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