What in the World is WOIS?

An online career information system that is your key to

research information about:

*  Careers Majors                  *  Assessments                    * College Costs

*  Job Links                            *  College Comparisons     *  Military

*  Scholarships                        *  Fed/State Agencies

*  Test Information                 *  National Colleges

Electronic Personal Portfolios are also available, which should be set up during their Freshman year, and the portfolios are accessible even if and/or when they go to college.

Practice tests for SAT, ACT, PSAT, ASVAB, GED and numerous CLEP tests are available through WOIS.  So before you go and take one of these 3 - 4 hour tests, go to WOIS, then click the Test Preparation link and practice, practice, practice!


Why do I need WOIS?

To help you solidify your career choices easily! WOIS provides "One Stop Shopping" with a huge amount of links!  If you want information on how to use WOIS, please come into the Career Center at Wenatchee High School. We will provide for you the "SITE KEY" necessary to log on. Get started early so your road to success will be smooth sailing!

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