Mr. Baumeister


I graduated Lowry High School in 1978 and went to the University of Idaho, where I had a lot of fun. Unfortunately I did not receive a diploma because school was more social than academic. The one good thing is I met my wife there (which means yes I am married!) After working numerous unfulfilling jobs and having loans from school becoming due I realized that I did not want to payback $20,000 in loans for nothing. I had to get a degree. So while my wife was doing her residency in Pediatrics, I returned to school where I graduated from Cleveland State University in 1994 with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and a minor in Psychology.

I started teaching at Jane Addams Business Career Center in downtown Cleveland but Brenda and I wanted to return to the Northwest. I then took a job in 1999 with Waterville Public Schools and drove back and forth from Wenatchee.

In 2006, I accepted a position with the Math Department here at Wenatchee High School.


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