QuickMail Pro:

Auto-Configure and New User

This page will run you through setting up a brand new user and setting up a machine for more than one user. The process is similar for both of these topics. The way you access them is slightly differently. For a brand new user you will automatically go into Auto-Configure when you start Quickmail Pro. To create a new user you must go into the File Menu and choose Change User. This is the screen you will see when you go into Change User.

Click the Add New Button.

Both Auto-Configure and New User do the process the same from here on out. The next screen you will see is the Auto-Configure screen.


Make sure that Auto-configure is selected, then click the right arrow at the bottom of the screen.

Type in your host. This is the stuff after your @ in your e-mail address. It should start with mail1, mail2, mail3, or mail4. Then click the right arrow on the bottom.

A long list of people should appear after a moment. You are somewhere in this list. Find and select your name. Then click the right arrow on the bottom of the screen again.

Type in your password for your e-mail account. Then click the right arrow at the bottom of the screen again. Then click finish. This completes the configure process.

If you are checking your e-mail on someone elses machine you must do a couple of other things before you check your mail. Or you will have mail on this machine and not be able to access from your normal computer.

Under the Configure Menu select Preferences.

Go down and select User/Accounts.

Click the Edit Button.


Your screen should look similar to this. The Button you need to select is the Leave Mail On Server Button near the bottom. This will leave the mail on the server so that you can access it from your normal computer.

Click OK

Your are now ready to check your mail.

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