QuickMail Pro:

Offline or Online?

Sometimes you send and send and send mail, but it doesn't seem to go through. The solution to that problem is checking to see if you are currently ONLINE or OFFLINE.


Look at the 2 red circles in this image below:

Look at the bottom of the picture. You will see that my QuickMail Pro is currently "ONLINE" and scheduled to check for mail at 3:11pm. That's a good thing!

Now, look at the next red circle above.

I could disconnect from the network/Internet and work "OFFLINE". Why? Well, I could compose or read all of my email offline away from the network. When I reconnected later, I could send all of my newly created email messages and also check my mail as well.

What's the bottom line?

Just be sure that your QuickMail Pro is always ONLINE!


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