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Training FAQ*


Am I required to take the training?

No. You are required to have the following skills:
  1. be able to send and receive Internet email,
  2. be able to send and receive Internet email with all WSD employees with valid WSD email addresses,
  3. be able to attach files to an email message,
  4. be able to receive files attached to email messages,
  5. be able to view those files attached to email messages,
  6. be able to check Internet email frequently during working hours:
    • before school
    • during prep and/or
    • after school

If you can do all of the above, attach an AppleWorks document that states that you can perform all of the skills mentioned above, to an Internet email message addressed to your TRT. That will excuse you from the training. You will receive no compensation.

I'm not listed on the Large Group List. Do I get training?

You need to see your supervisor. We had openings to train 120 staff. As it turns out, most Parapro's will have to be trained by their supervisors.

If your name is not on the list, check with your supervisor, not a TRT, as to how you will be trained. Sorry.

You can check with a trainer and ask to be in their class, but you will not be paid. We only have funding for 120 of 160 staff members.

Do I have to use QuickMail Pro or can I use something else like Eudora or Netscape's email?

You can use any program you wish to read and send your email. HOWEVER... the TRT's will only support QuickMail Pro. If you have problems setting-up, sending, receiving, or you have any problems with your other program... you are on your own. TRT's will not help you with any other program. Sorry.

The important thing to remember is that checking, reading, and responding to your email is a district requirement of all employees that are issued a district email address.

When can I sign-up for a training session?

QuickMail me (Gary Lorenson) your request. I'll post it ASAP. Time is running out.

Can I go to more than one training session?

Yes. But you will only be compensated for one session during non-contract hours.

None of the times/dates list fit my situation in February. I can't attend any session but I need the training. What am I to do?

Try your best to find at least one session. If you absolutely cannot attend any of them check with your TRT and he will make some kind of arrangement, however, you will not be compensated.

How will I be compensated for my hour session?

You will only be compensated if you sign your session's sheet AT THE END OF THE SESSION. Gracie wrote a grant that pays the Classified folks the going rate of $12/hr and the Certified folks at the Curriculum rate of $27.47/hr. You will receive only one hour of compensation. Thanks to her efforts, we can receive these monies.

Is that all of the training we will receive?

No. You will have a refresher course during our LID Monday on March 18th. Beyond that, you will always be able to access our training web pages, QuickMail Pro help files in your program and the .pdf files for QMPro on our web site.

When will our current email system (Quick Mail) stop working?

You will no longer be able to use the non-Internet based QuickMail on Monday, April 8th. Nope, never again. It's been a good friend for 8 years but now it's gone!

Hey! I forgot to sign-up cause I never check my email and I had no idea we were suppose to. What am I to do?

You're on your own. Best of luck to you. And have a great day!

No really... check to see if there is a spot available for you and sign up for it. If not, check with your TRT.


I think computers and technology are the work of the devil and I refuse to become a slave to an inanimate thing. How do you like them apples?

Thank you! It sounds as though you have more issues to deal with than I do. I must be O.K. after all! So "them apples" are just fine by me!  


If you can think of any other questions, please email me (Gary Lorenson). I'll post them anonymously. Thanks!


*FAQ means Frequently Asked Questions


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