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Let me introduce myself….


My name is Amy McCubbin and I have been working in the field of substance abuse since 1997. I have worked as a substance abuse counselor at Westside High School, the Waterville School District and came to Wenatchee High School in 2007. I have three children who attend school in the Wenatchee School District and our family is very active. Some of my hobbies include camping, spending time with my family and having coffee with friends. Colleen Chamberlin is a great friend of mine, and WHS was fortunate to have her on their team. I hope to continue her awesome efforts here at Wenatchee High School.


Substance Abuse Interventionist- mccubbin.a@mail.wsd.wednet.edu
663-8117 ext. 194 rm. 209-B Hours (Mon-Thu) 8:00- 4:00
Advisor for WHS prevention Club

www.area92aa.org - Alcoholics Anonymous Website- information
www.quitline.com- Tobacco Quit line- Washington State Department of Health
www.yspp.org Youth Suicide Prevention
www.theantidrug.com - Specific Drug Information & Advice
www.drugfree.org - Partnership for a Drug Free America
www.jointogether.org - Community Action & Information
www.madd.org - Mothers Against Drunk Drivers
www.freevibe.com - Teens- Drug Facts & Stories/Fun Stuff
www.nostankyou.com - Teens- Free & Fun Stuff
www.abovetheinfluence.com - Teens- Drug Facts/Fun Stuff
www.sadd.com - Students Against Destructive Decisions

Substance Abuse Materials for Parent, Student and Staff use

Phone #’s
Alcohol Abuse hotline 1-800-562-1240
Alcoholics Anonymous 509-664-6469- (schedules only)
Crisis Line 662-7105
CPS – 800-562-5624
Domestic & Sexual Violence Crisis Center 663-7446 or 888-HELP
Suicide Prevention 1-800-suicide
Teen Line: 877-345-8336 24 hour Alcohol/Drug Help Line