What is PAWS!

PAWS is a time Tuesday through Friday for students who are not meeting standard to focus on their goals, organization, and grades with the assistance of the educational staff on a personal basis.



Who participates in PAWS
Current freshmen are the focus until the first progress report time, Oct. 2. After that time, any WHS student who is unsuccessful in their classroom will be able to get help in the PAWS time with their 2nd period teacher. Each student will be in PAWS until the next grading period at which time we hope they will be able to return to their normal break due to their academic success.


Why the "push"?
We believe that every student deserves to be successful and not "fall through the cracks". It is our goal to help all students move forward with their academics by providing the support necessary to gain success.

Working toward

How does it work?
After each grading period all students' grades will be examined at WHS. Those who are not meeting standard will be able to get support and help from their second period PAWS instructor until the next grading period at which time students that have met standard will be able to return to the normal break time.


How will we know if we are being successful?
We currently have significant data from our past years, grades, attendance, discipline and over all student attitudes about WHS. We hope to see several of those measurements change significantly as we move forward with PAWS.
Who do I contact with my questions?

Kory Kalahar, Assistant Principal


Mike Wilson, Academic Intervention Specialist



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PAWS Materials PAWS DATA for 0809
1st Semester General Grade Comaprision Data 08-09
1st Semester # of F's Comparison Data 08-09
1st Semester Multiple F's per student comparsion Data 08-09