Start:  Wenatchee High School, 1101 Millerdale Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801

Arriving at:  Spokane Falls Community College

Distance:  171 miles

Approximate Travel Time:  2 hours and 57 minutes

  1. Head east on Millerdale Ave/Russell St/Ferry St
  2. Turn right at S Mission St
  3. Turn left at Stevens St and cross the bridge
  4. Continue on WA-28 (to Quincy)  (29 miles)
  5. Continue on F St SW
  6. Turn right at Central Ave S/WA-281/WA-281 N  (7.9 miles)
  7. Turn left at WA-281 Spur  (1.8)
  8. Merge onto I-90 E via the ramp to Spokane  (125)
  9. Take exit 277A toward Garden Springs  (.3)
  10. Merge onto W Garden Springs Rd  (.8)
  11. Continue on S Rustle St  (.1)
  12. Turn right at W Sunset Blvd  (1)
  13. Turn left at S Government Way  (2)
  14. Turn right at W Fort George Wright Dr  (.6)
  15. Arrive at Spokane Falls Community College