1999-2000 Sports Medicine Program Knee Article Abstracts

Maggie Brown- "Managing Ligamentous Injuries in the Adolescent Knee"

Anthony Carter- "Meniscal Repair Patients Make Rapid Returns (Anatomy)"

Diana Cornejo- "The Anterior Cruciate Ligament"

Danielle Doggett- "The Anterior Cruciate Ligament"

Heather Fleming- "Diagnosising Posterolateral Rotatory Knee Instability"

Sarah Gurnard- "Snowboarding Injuries: Focus on the Talus"

Aimiey LaFreniere- "Obturator Neuropathy"

Rose Lemus- "The Patella and Patellar Retinacula"

Miranda Leskinen- "Effect of Patellar Taping and Brace as Determined by MRI in Patients"

Michaela McKillip- "Valgus Knee Instability in an Adolscent: Sprain or Fracture?"

Andrew Noble- "Postural Control of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Patients"

Kevin Nygard- "Diagnosing Posterior Cruciate Ligaments Injuries"

Jess Reagan- "Synovial Chondromatosis"

Brooke Sallee- "The Posterior Cruciate Ligament"

Eliza Soriano- "Differential Diagnosis for Anterior Knee Pain"

Kristin Wright- "Snapping Iliopsoas Syndrome"