Anatomy Resources


Digital Anatomist at UW

Award Winning interactive atlas and some good links.

Harvard University Vascular Anatomy

A nice, but brief, collection of vascular anatomy images & movies.

Loyola Universtity Medical Education Network

Great Site! Computer Aided Instruction, databases, program info, etc.

LUMEN Dissector

An excellent resource with tutorials, instructions, and photographs.

LUMEN Master Muscle List

A comprehensive list of muscles with a sketch, origin, insertion, action, and nerve for each.

Muscles in Action: A Multimedia Online Textbook

Online instruction in muscles that produce anatomical movements.

University of Pennsylvania Interactive Knee Demonstration

A Nice site of Knee images & info.

Southern California Orthopedic Institute

Has some nice anatomy reviews, and you can even make an appointment!

Three Dimensional Medical Reconstruction

Movie clips of 3D anatomical reconstructions.

The Visible Human Project

A CLASSIC SITE. Lots of good stuff.

Visible Human cross sections

Cross sectional anatomy lessons using data from the Visual Human Project

UW Bone and Joint Sources

Info on joints & trauma from the UW Dept. of Orthopedics.

Johannes Gutenberg University- Workshop Anatomy for the Internet

Medical College of Wisconsin - CHORUS

University of Iowa - The Virtual Hospital

Stanford University-Medical Media and Information Technologies (Summit)