Wenatchee High School Sports Medicine Student Abstract Page

Wenatchee High School Sports Medicine Student Page (1996-1997)

The students of the WHS Sports Medicine Program have written abstracts of the articles regarding the Knee, Thigh, and Hip Injuries.


  • Amelia Auger-Hip and Pelvic Avulsion Fractures in Adolescents
  • Nate Behler-Imaging Acute Knee Injuries
  • Julie Fitch-Gender Inequity
  • Wade Mandeville-Selected Hip and Pelvis Injuries
  • Holly Miller-Knee Disorders in Runners
  • Miel Richards-Quadriceps Strains and Contusions
  • Jon Shell-A Precise Approach to Anterior Knee Pain
  • Katie Tvergyak-Patello-Femoral Pain: Targeting the Cause

  • Juniors

  • Ronnie Chamberlain-Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries
  • Jeff Herron-Arterial Supply to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament
  • Natalie Marquess-Hamstring Strains
  • Ruth Sarles-The Effects of Prophylactic Knee Bracing on Running Gait
  • Brandon Wendt-Interrater Reliability of Isokinetic Measures in Knee Flexion and Extension
  • Sophomores

  • Mindy Auger-Hip and Pelvic Injuries in Athletes
  • Trista Benson-Groin Strains and Other Possible Causes of Groin Pain
  • Don Burts-Overuse Injuries in Young Athletes
  • Julie Cattin-Braced For Competition
  • Dustin Fisher-Non-Operative Rehabilitation of Isolated Posterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture
  • B.J. Holland-Knee Pain in Young Football Player
  • Jeremy Mannin-Osteochondritis Dissecans
  • Ryan Peterson-Diagnosing Acute Knee Injuries
  • Lisa Zanol-The ABC's of Knee in Skiing