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1st Semester ASB101 or 2nd Semester ASB102
Prerequisite: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior students who are presently involved or interested in leadership, a leadership position or an ASB activity. Letters of invitation are sometimes sent to students recommended by the faculty; however, students may enroll without a letter.
Credit Type: Elective
Description: This class is designed around experiential, hands on learning during which students explore team building, character traits, decision making skills, facilitation, and foundational relationship skills.
Course requirements include journal writing, school and community service, class participation and attendance, and accountability for knowledge of concepts and terms. Students may also be asked to participate in or put on an assembly.


1st Semester  ASB 201

Prerequisite:  Students in grades 10-12 who have taken and excelled in Student Leadership and have been  

                      selected based upon strength of their application.

Credit Type:  Elective

Description:  To build upon the knowledge base established in Student Leadership and to provide the opportunity for students to apply what they have previously learned.  Experiential activities, presentations, school projects, and community projects could be the structures wherein the learning is applied.  As part of the learning in the class, students will contribute to the common good of WHS student body in ways, which they will determine. Contributions will be made individually or in groups.



Year Long Course ASB400
Prerequisite: Previous enrollment in Student Leadership or an ASB/class officer. All students require the permission of the instructor to enroll in the class. Students may be asked to apply for membership in the class before registration.
Credit Type: Elective
Description: Students will work in teams to design, implement, and evaluate ongoing programs and projects for the school year. Assemblies, recognition, spirit, student government, school improvement, clubs, finance, community service, and publicity are some of the project/program areas. Students will be required to do written summaries and oral reports.



Prerequisite: Instructor and department chairperson permission only.
Credit Type: Elective
Description: This is a one-semester course of independent study under the direction of a department instructor. Directed Enrichment Study packets are available in the counseling office. Students are required to complete the Directed Enrichment Study Project Plan Form prior to meeting with an instructor. If the teacher agrees to mentor the student project, the Directed Enrichment Study Application Form must be completed and returned to the Counseling Office. This opportunity is designed for the serious student who wants to pursue a topic of interest or broaden knowledge of a subject not taught in the curriculum. This course is an elective and cannot be used to meet department requirements for graduation.
Offered in the following departments:
Family & Consumer Science
International Language
Language Arts
Social Studies
Physical Education
Technical & Vocational
Visual Arts


Semester Course
Credit Type: Elective Credit
Prerequisite: None
Course Description: Independent Study is available to students who have special circumstances and interest in pursuing study in specific subjects above and beyond what is offered in the established school course offerings, school schedule and/or student graduation plan. Students can only enroll in a specific Independent Study course after demonstrating that such study is not available through any other means in the established course offerings and school schedule and permission and approval are granted by the Principal, Counselor and Sponsoring Teacher. Please note that Independent Study is not designed to replace courses that are already offered at WHS.


These classes are geared for high ability students and independent learners. Check the course descriptions since certain prerequisite skills may be required.
Freshman Honors English
Sophomore Honors English
Honors Con. World Problems


Advanced Placement (AP) is an opportunity for students to take college level classes while still in high
school without leaving the building. By passing a national exam, students may earn credit or advanced placement from thousands of colleges and universities that participate in the Advanced Placement Program worldwide. All colleges and universities in Washington State accept AP credit. The only cost is $82 per exam.
AP Biology
AP Calculus
AP Chemistry
AP English Lit
AP Physics
AP US History
AP Studio Art