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What is the Running Start Program?

Running Start is a state-wide program allowing eligible high school students to take courses at the local community college. Each college course completed can earn both high school and college credit.

Why Running Start?

1. The State will pay your tuition.

2. You may receive high school credit and college credit for the same class.

3. You can take more challenging classes.

4. You can take classes not offered at WHS.

5. You can get a "running start" on a college degree.

6. You can experience college while still in high school. This experience can make the transition from high school to college much easier and clarify educational goals.

7. Students can complete more college prerequisites in a shorter period of time. For instance, 3 years of a Foreign Language can be completed in 1 year.

Why Not Running Start?

1. You must pay for books, materials, lab fees, parking permits and transportation.

2. Grades at WVC stay on permanent college transcripts. This would hinder transferring to a 4-year college if you do poorly.

3. Class schedules and calendars of WVC and WHS conflict, causing scheduling problems. The student is responsible for resolving such conflicts and should not expect to be able to miss classes at the high school in order to attend their new classes that begin at the college on a quarterly basis.

4. WVC classes may not meet high school requirements for graduation.

5. WVC credits may not transfer to private or out-of-state colleges.

6. You may not be socially or emotionally ready for the college atmosphere

Procedures for Enrolling

1. Get Running Start Handbook in the counselingOffice at the high school.

2. You must be a Junior or Senior. Confer with your counselor to determine your grade level status.

3. Take the ASSET test at WVC to see if you qualify for the Running Start Program.

4. Meet with WVC Running Start counselor to get applications and forms.

5. Check equivalencies - Meet with high school counselor to determine what you are going to need to graduate. Review possible schedules and check equivalencies.

6. Complete Running Start application and get signatures. You will need to fill out a Community College application as well as a WVC Running Start application. Submit high school transcript and both applications to WVC.

7. Meet with WVC counselor and register for classes at WVC. Be sure to meet deadlines.

8. Register for remaining classes at WHS.

9. Buy your books and pay all other fees.

Other Considerations

1. The responsibility for all college-related work rests fully with the student.

2. Students qualifying and approved will be enrolled in WVC classes on a "first come, first serve" basis during fall registration at WVC.

3. WVC may not be offering the class you need during the quarter or time slot that you desire.

4. On the asset test students must place into English 101 to take any non-math class, and must place into Math 105 to take any math class or demonstrate college level reading ability (all courses taken at WVC will be college level).

5. WVC courses will go on WHS transcripts as "Running Start English", "Running Start Math", etc. along with grade and equivalent high school credit.

6. Running Start will not be considered for directed study programs or used for waivers of required classes. You must use the "Course Equivalencies for Running Start".

7. Once a student enrolls in Running Start, the 4-year college the student wishes to attend may or may not consider him/her a freshman student for purposes of admission, athletic eligibility, and/or scholarships. It is the responsibility of the student to contact prospective colleges to verify requirements.

8. Running Start courses cannot be taken for pass/fail. All college courses will be recorded and calculated into your GPA and go on your high school transcript.

9. Students taking required classes spring quarter of their senior year must get a letter from their college instructor stating they will pass the course to their high school counselor at least 3 days before graduation. If not, you will not be allowed to go through the graduation ceremony at WHS.

5 college credits = 1 high school credit

3 or 4 college credits = .5 high school credit