You may learn about the Scholarship procedure at Wenatchee High School by stepping through each of the blocks in this web page or by attending a mini- session in the fall at the Career Center, where personnel will offer lunch time sessions on the scholarship process at WHS.  The mini-sessions, titled Scholarship Savvy, will teach you how to maneuver through our WHS scholarship process as well as inform you about FAFSA, requesting a transcript etc..  We tell you step-by-step organizational skills for scholarships, how to find scholarships and how to complete applications.

Students and parents are welcome to come to sessions as many times as you would like.  They will be announced in the Bulletin, in the Announcements, and on the Bulletin Board outside of the Career Center.  The Scholarship Savvy mini-sesssions will be available during either lunch time or at designated dates and times, such as at Junior/Senior Parent Night. Parents are welcome to all sessions presented by the Career Center.

We suggest that you preview each of the numbered blocks of this website to be acquainted with each step of the scholarship procedure.  You will find important information in each segment.

Buckle Up!!!!   You're in for a terrific Senior ride throughout this year!