Course Expectations: Pre-Calculus
Instructor: Todd Busse
: Room 355

Materials Needed

I require the use of one section of your three-ring binder for class notes, and handouts. You will also need an adequate supply of notebook paper, a pad of graph paper, pencils, colored pencils or pens, and a scientific or graphing calculator (TI-83 Plus recommended).

Attendance Policy
The school policy as stated in the student handbook will be followed.

It is important for students to get to class on time. When a student is late to class it disrupts the entire class and will have the following consequences:
First Tardy- 10 minutes detention in my room
Second Tardy- 20 minutes detention in my room
Third Tardy- Referral will be sent home
Fourth Tardy- Referral to administration

Grading Scale

Grading will be based on total points for the grading period. The grading scale will be as follows:
100%-93% A 76%-73% C
92%-90% A- 72%-70% C-
89%-87% B+ 69%-67% D+
86%-83% B 66%-60% D
82%-80% B- 59%-0% F
79%-77% C+

Homework, Tests, and Quizzes

Doing math is a very important part of learning math, therefore, homework will be assigned almost everyday. Homework will be corrected and discussed the next day. Homework will be collected when needed. Tests and quizzes will be given when needed. Tests will be announced before they will be given. Quizzes will be both announced and unannounced. Tests and quizzes (70%) will be the majority of the grade with some Homework (about 10%) Projects/Investigations (10%), Problem of the Week (POW) (10%). Problem of the Weeks will be given every two weeks, 7 of 9 must be done first semester and 7 of 9 in second semester.

Teacher Philosophy

It is my goal to maintain a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to the study of mathematics, and to explain all concepts to the best of my ability, in or out of the classroom. I can provide the environment and guidance but cannot learn for you the student. You are responsible for your learning.

I believe that a student cannot learn self discipline unless he or she has been disciplined in a firm, consistent and fair manner. I will run my class accordingly. Remember, every student in this room has the right to an education without disruptive influences or distractions of any kind form other students. I as a teacher have the right to teach without the same disruptions or distractions from students.

Problem of the Week
Problem of the Week will be given every other Tuesday and due in two weeks. These problems will be based on what is being taught in class, or on other topics that are appropriate to the class. The students need to explain their thinking as thoroughly as possible. They will be graded on how well they explain their thinking, not only on the correct answer. If an explanation is not acceptable the students will have one week to improve their explanation.

Note: A late fee on $5.00 will be assessed if your text book is not returned on time at the end of the semester.


Detach Here and Return to Teacher

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