Evaluating Websites

"The World Wide Web is a lot like a flea market:  there's a vast selection of sites to choose from but not a lot of order to it.  Some sites are offered by reputable 'dealers' and some from individuals who want to show off their personal favorite items.  Sometimes it's hard to tell what's a hidden treasure, what's worth taking a look at, and what's a waste of time."

"Why evaluate Web Information"  at www.ed.uiuc.edu/wp/credibility/page2.html


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Evaluating Websites Tutorial
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Websites to Evaluate:  
Killer Tornado Pacific NW Tree Octopus  
Republic of Molossia Genetics Online  
Feline Reactions to Men with beards DHMO.org  
Mankato, Minnesota Homepage Dog Island  
California's Velcro Crop Clones-R-Us  
Aluminum Foil Beanies Santa Anita AIDS facts  
The Bureau of Sasquatch Affairs Jackalope Conspiracy  
Note from your Librarians:  "Be skeptical...Just because it is found on the Internet or in a book, does not make it true.”