Primary Sources

Below you will find links to several places where you can find primary sources. 

Remember that there may be some secondary sources mixed in!  You need to remember the difference between primary and secondary sources.  Primary sources are "directly related to an issue or event."  It is "first hand evidence or first hand accounts or materials in use during the event or time in question."  Secondary sources are "one step removed from the event."


Wenatchee School District link to Primary Sources

One link to over 100 web sites with primary sources-- search by time period and subject


The Gilder Lehrman Affliation

Search era by era to find primary sources about different times in history.


The National Archives-USA

A link to a teachers' site with primary documents divided into historical categories

Teacher Oz links to many Primary Sources

Lots of information from Discovery to Revolution-includes primary sources

Digital History with links to Primary and Secondary Information
Primary Sources on the Voyages of Discovery
Library of Congress

Primary Source Documents

Documents that chronicle US history from 1776-1965

World History Sources

Search by keyword to find information and links to great information

Archiving Early America

Primary Source information about the 18th Century

The Toolbox Library

Primary source materials-historical documents, literary texts, and works of art are thematically organized in this wonderful online resource.

Life Magazine Online

View an amazing collection of professional photography (primary sources) on the web in a collection of over 10 million photos from the legendary archives of LIFE photography.  More than 3,000 photos are added daily and you are able to view photos from the early 20th century.