Studying Interactions between genetics,
human health, and the environment.

Differences in genetic make-up affext the way we respond to environmental health risks such as exposure to toxic chemicals like pesticides.

For over seven years, the Community Outreach and Education Program at the CEEH has been developing curriculum materials and hosting teacher workshops that help bridge the gap between schools and the research that takes place at the center. This focus on K-12 education has resulted in the development of print and electronic classroom materials that cover a variety of basic environmental health topics.


COEP staff have also been involved in numerous outreach efforts to communities that are affected by environmental health issues. Our work with these groups has resulted in a number of collaborative projects such as a study of seafood consumption patterns among Asian and Pacific Islanders in King County, a successful statewide town meeeting, and a pilot project to help the Shoalwater Bay Tribe evaluate the safety of local shellfish supplies.


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